Belrobotics of Belgium is behind the very concept of robotised mowing, making it a reality back in 1990, some 30 years ago. Using the same principles, we later developed a golf ball-picking robot.
We are now a subsidiary of the Yamabiko Group, the owner of famous brands Echo, Shindaiwa and others, and our robots are Robotised working by the thousands all over Europe and beyond, mowing-mulching golf courses, but also many other types of sports- and other turf specific areas such as football, parks, manor house venues, airport sites…

Want to take a view? Just contact us and we will send you the details of a nearby, equipped venue. Or, better still, ask us for a six-week, full-scale demo at your own venue and see for yourself the difference our unique floating cutting heads can make.

The benefits of Robot-mowing include:

1. Excellent Turf Surface
2. 50% savings
3. Optimised labour
4. Silent operation
5. 90% less CO₂ emissions

Golf ball-picking, how and which benefits?
Quite some above-mentioned benefits also apply for our Rangepicker/Ballpicker. But robotised ball-picking goes beyond that, as it brings the opportunity to complete the automation of the whole ball logistics systems. Nowadays picked balls are mostly being dropped manually into a washing system. With our partners, we bridge this part of the chain, making for a fully robotised operation, from field to ball dispenser.
Our Rangepicker/Ballpicker robots can handle up to 12,000 balls per 24 hour.

For more information please contact:

Michel Urban

Regional Sales Manager


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