In March 2004 representatives of associations of golf course owners from Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands initiated the creation of the European Golf Course Owners Association. The EGCOA now represents owners associations from 8 countries.

The prime objects of the association are:

  • To look after the interest of the golf course owners/supply side of the golf industry on a EU level
  • To professionalize and improve the golf business
  • To grow the golf business

Direct Member Benefits

  1. EGCOA Members receive the Monthly US Golf Business Magazine
  2. EGCOA Members can participate in the EU and US list-serve: an email community of European owners and operations to share ideas and help each other solve operational problems. Free consultancy from thousands of fellow golf course owners by e-mail.
  3. EGCOA Members have access to the member-only part of the website of the NGCOA.
  4. EGCOA Members have free access to Info Central – an online repository of operations documents and useful articles on course operations. Here members can find sample cart rental agreements, job descriptions, employee manuals, tournament proposals, etc.
  5. EGCOA Members receive monthly e-mail newsletter – any member with an email address receives monthly updates on new benefits and programs emanating out of EGCOA and NGCOA.
  6. EGCOA members can get a discount on access to quarterly web seminars on important operational topics, such as customer loyalty and retention and customer service. Any member with an Internet connection and telephone can participate in these new educational sessions.
  7. EGCOA members get a discount on Manuals and Publications – EGCOA members may pay the member rate for any NGCOA published books and videos.
  8. Solutions Summit and Golf Industry Show – EGCOA members may register for the NGCOA Solutions Summit and Golf Industry Show at the member rate.
  9. As dual members of NGCOA, EGCOA members have access to complimentary tickets to the PGA Championship and PGA Senior Championship. In addition, EGCOA members have complimentary admission to the PGA Merchandise Show, PGA Fall Expo and CMAA Trade Show.

Indirect Member Benefits

Golf Course Owners are represented on a EU level through their membership with the EGCOA. More and more rules and regulations are issued on a EU level. Important topics on the agenda are the VAT tariff and growing the game of golf by cooperating with other stakeholders and creating a structure that makes growth possible. The supply side of the golf industry in Europe can only exist when united.


The EGCOA has members in 12 European countries. Per January 1st 2007 more than 500 courses are united in the EGCOA.

The Board of the EGCOA consists of:

  • Marcel Welling, Holland, President. Marcel is also member of the board of the NGCOA
  • Alexander von Spoercken, Germany, Vice-President, also President of the German GCOA
  • Peter Arendorff, Denmark, Secretary, also President of the Danish GCOA
  • PhilippeWibaux, France, Treasurer, also President of the French GCOA.

The Advisory board of the EGCOA consists of:

  • Mr. Jaime Ortiz-Patino, President & owner of Valderrama Golf Club

Cooperation NGCOA

The EGCOA works closely together with the National Golf Course Owners Association of the USA. The EGCOA signed an agreement with the NGCOA. All courses that are part of the EGCOA will be members of the NGCOA.
Also: all EU courses that want to join the NGCOA can do so via joining the EGCOA.


The EGCOA office is located in Amsterdam. Lodewijk Klootwijk is the Director of the EGCOA.

Contact details

EGCOA, Silodam 117, 1013 AS Amsterdam, Holland.
Phone+31.619.616.624, fax +31.203.306.105,


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