Kainuu Vocational College

Kainuu Vocational College -public utility (KAO) provides secondary education in the regions Kainuu and Kuusamo in all relevant fields. The school has over 2500 junior (16 to 18) and over 5600 adult students annually, with a turnover in excess of 35 million euros. The Natural Resources unit of KAO provides a wide range of education’s in its field.

With it own farm, green house and stable, combined with the most modern teaching and learning environments, it improves skills of over 500 students per year. KAO is the number one in quality in northern Finland, being rated as number 6 nationally. Latest developments and investments include security, travel and greenkeeping learning environments.

For the next two years one of the main investments (over 500,000 euros) will be in e-learning. KAO has very strong international links and has a long history in cooperation with Russian colleges. The Natural resources unit gives greenkeeping education at all three levels in Finnish and courses also in English and Russian.



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