Melspring International B.V.

Melspring International B.V. The roots of Melspring date from 1936, with starting to import raw materials for fertilisers for the Dutch market. Through the years Melspring developed from importer and trading company into a company that develops its own products, produces them and exports it to countries throughout the entire globe. Since 2006 Melspring International B.V. is part of the Olmix Group. Because of Melsprings reliable products with high standards due to the continuously growing expertise within the organisation, Melspring has been a well appreciated player on the market for many years.

Integrated Plant Health Management Melspring develops and markets sustainable products for the long-term improvement and conservation of golf courses, sport grounds and public parks. In an ecological and economical responsible way, to ensure that we are ready for a sustainable future. Instead of chemical pest control, Melspring focusses on the health of the plant and its environment: Integrated Plant Health Management. For steadily growing turf, it is essential to achieve the right balance between soil air and moisture, microbial activity and healthy soil nutrition. In this way, the turf grows stronger and its natural defence mechanisms are stimulated. Therefore the turf is more resistant to diseases, parasites and other stress, which results in reductions of pesticides use. Drawing on its expertise in soil fertilisation and plant pathology, Melspring develops effective nutrient and soil structure programmes to boost plant vitality and health.

Contact Details:

Jop van STEEN

Marketing Coordinator

Web Site: www.melspring .com


Tel: +31 (0) 263 84 20 22

Mobile: +31 (0) 643 03 40 60


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