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Zehetbauer Fertigrasen, located near Vienna, Austria has produced and shipped high quality sod to golf courses all over Europe for the last 15 years. A unique product of Zehetbauer Fertigrasen is the Soil Free Sod. Soil free greens have been installed on high class courses as far as Tenerife, Marbella, Moscow, Malmö, Stockholm, Rome and many of them in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Soil free sod is used not only for greens. On all kinds of playing areas around a golf course soil free sod can be easily established and realizes a lot of benefits:

  • Quick and Strong Rooting – Stronger and better roots result in a better turf. Even in shadowy areas the roots grow quickly into the new profile.
  • No layers – Different sand in the profile and the turf can cause black layers. Soil free sod prevents black layer development. You will always find a healthy root system and you will have good drainage of the profile.
  • Light weighted – Soil free turf has only half of the weight of normal sod. This means less Transport costs and easier handling. I.
  • Quick establishment – The establishment of the roots starts within five days after installation. Within a few weeks after installation you can produce a playable surface in tournament quality.

What do greenkeepers think about soil free sod? Barry Britton, Superintendent of Bro Hof Slott near Stockholm, says:

“If you believe in high quality turf installation and do not wish soil interfacing problems then one should use washed sod. Also if you are outside a few hours transportation then traditional sod is subject to heat up as compared to washed sod and cooled transportation this is not a problem. If I had my way I would sod all the playable rough areas; I believe it is more cost efficient than seeding in that it allows one to open the course 3 to 6 months earlier (cash pay back) – no or little erosion damage, environmentally more friendly, less grow in fertilizer is required; it is also a great marketing tool…instant finish product!”

Zehetbauer Fertigrasen
A-2301 Probstdorf, Austria

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