2018 Ryder Cup Greenkeeper Experience Programme

2018 Ryder Cup Greenkeeper Experience Programme

This is a wonderful opportunity for greenkeepers to be part of golfs most prominent golfing event, and also the third largest sporting event in the World. FEGGA, and its supporting Partners, Capillary Concrete and Le Golf National are able to offer 10 Support Team placements which will be working to Showcase the peak best practices in the industry in providing the ultimate in playing conditions for arguably the world’s top 24 professional golfers from Europe and the USA.

This opportunity will also combine education, networking and business relationship opportunities, which will enhance what will be a memorable experience for all attending as chosen Support Team Members.

  • Every Greenkeeper / Superintendent member of a FEGGA National Greenkeeper Association is invited to submit an application to qualify to attend, and to be part of this unique team of outstanding professionals for those lucky enough to be selected. (all applicants must be supported by their respected association)
  • It will provide unique hands on experience at preparing and maintaining the Albatross Course at Le Golf National, both before and during the Ryder Cup Matches. This will also be combined with educational sessions, and career development clinics led by leading teachers in our industry.
  • This will be 7 days of unique experience, and education. Meeting colleagues from all countries in a work/education environment, topped with the electrifying excitement of that unique live Ryder Cup experience.

This opportunity also builds on one of the strong missions of FEGGA of
“Bringing people and Organisations together”

All Greenkeepers /Superintendents being selected will have:

  • All accommodation and food provided during their stay
  • Will be supplied with a Ryder Cup uniform
  • Will be given support of €150 for their respected travel from home to the selected airport in Paris (Europe)

All applicants are required to:

  • Have a minimum of three years’ experience working as a greenkeeper and been member of their respected Association for a period of two years
  • Must be able to work the period 24 -30 September 2018
  • Confirm they will conduct themselves to the highest possible standard while on site adhering to The Le Golf National rules and regulations and codes of work practices during their stay

All applications to be submitted through an official application form through the link below

Click here to apply


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