April 2018

2018 FEGGA Greenkeeper Experience Programme in Partnership with Jacobsen – Ryder Cup – Le Golf National – France

This is a wonderful opportunity for a greenkeeper to be part of golf’s most prominent golfing event, and also the third largest sporting event in the World. FEGGA, and its supporting Partners, Jacobsen and Le Golf National are able to offer this wonderful opportunity for a greenkeeper to work as part of the greenkeeping team during part of or the whole of September in the lead up and during the 2018 Ryder Cup.

You’ll be able to increase your greenkeeping skills, increase your motivation and engagement with the industry, and give your new club the benefits of your ideas and initiatives throughout the period. Then, you’ll be able to bring the best of what you’ve learnt back to your original employer – without ever having to leave! The same applies whether you are from a remote area, or a more established country or Association.

Provided you and your club are endorsed by your Home Association then look forward to the following:

• Career development
• To develop new skills & experience
• The opportunity to experience new challenges and problem-solving
• Reflection and re-evaluation of the challenges of the job position
• Refresh and reinvigorate key staff
• To become more influential

This opportunity also builds on one of the strong missions of FEGGA
“Bringing people and Organisations together”

The Greenkeeper /Superintendent being selected will have:

• All accommodation and food provided during your stay
• Will be supplied with a Ryder Cup uniform
• Travel from home to Le Golf National will be covered

All applicants are required to:

• The applicant must have at least two years of experience at their present golf club and be a member of their National Greenkeeper Association for a minimum of two years.
• They should be capable of keeping records and writing reports.
• Confirm they will conduct themselves to the highest possible standard while on site adhering to The Le Golf National rules and regulations and codes of work practices during their stay

The funding of this Greenkeeper Experience Programme has been made available by our partner Jacobsen, who have recognised this as an outstanding opportunity for Assistant Greenkeepers looking to further develop their careers.

All applications to be submitted through an official application form using the link below
Deadline for the application is 11th May 2018

Please click the link to access the application form and return to



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