November 2019

A Successful Conference for the Bulgarain Golf Greenkeepers Association

On 08.11.2019г. The Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association held its Annual Conference for greenkeepers, groundsmen and landscaper contractors at “St. Sofia Golf Club & SPA” near the capital Sofia. 46 people attended the event. The great interest showed that the Association turned into a real barometer and repository of knowledge for the turf industry in Bulgaria. The program was mainly focused on the groundsmenship but in the same time the greenkeeper topics were even more inspirational. Ben Connell`s presentation (Head groundsman Ipswich Town F.C., UK) was the reason the event to gain such a high interest among his Bulgarian colleagues.

The conference started as usual with a welcome speech of its Chairman – Yavor Atanasov. He presented to the audience the ideas and the future challenges set in font of BGGA. He also emphasized the way the Association became a leading educational pillar for the turf industry in Bulgaria. The chairman introduced the new board member – Ventsislav Nikov (Education & PR officer of BGGA). The members had the honour to be welcomed by the Golf director and a Manager of Bulgarian Golf Association with whom both Association is working closely for developing the golf in the country.
The conference started with the European Sales Manager of Indigrow – Richard Poskitt. The company became an official sponsor since 2019. Richard demonstrated positive attitude for the future work with BGGA. He introduced a wide range of products to the members which are easily available through his distributor for the country. The members showed a great interest in the products and saw variety of options to improve their turf conditions.
The conference continued with Ben Connell – Head groundsman of Ipswich Town F.C., UK. Ben contributed greatly to success of the event sharing all his knowledge for proper maintenance, his cons and pros for real success. The members were very impressed by the honest and very open minded person in front of them. He was not afraid to answer all challenging questions and Ben turned out to be a Big friend to everyone.
In the coffee breaks and during the lunch time, characterised with very delicious gourmet food, the members were very enthusiastic and were really inspired. The discussions were endless.

The Conference was attended by Dean Cleaver (Executive Officer of FEGGA). He is a member of our growing family with the years. He opened the mind and the eyes to the members for future opportunities and individual education options abroad. It was obvious the willingness for future work between BGGA and FEGGA. The partnership so far between both organisations has been very productive and there are many new coming opportunities are open for the BGGA members.
Last but not least the word was given to Bruce Jamieson – The Toro Company Agronomist. He introduced know-how methods of greens renovation for UK which were unknown so far in Bulgaria. The BGGA members were more than happy from the shown and really inspired from the new methods.

In the end the chairman of BGGA thanked to all attendants. He said few hints for the future plans of the Association and certificates were submitted to all participants in the Annual Conference. A group photo was taken on the balcony of the club house at St. Sofia Golf Club & SPA”.
Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association keeps showing its unique presence in the Bulgarian turf market as the only educational body at world class. This year event was announced by the members as the best so far. This makes us very happy and satisfied and thrive us going forward together – organizers, sponsors and members.

Sincerely yours,
Yavor Atanasov

С уважение,
Явор Атанасов

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