A FEGGA Experience at the European Tour Event – Scandinavian Mixed

A FEGGA Experience at the European Tour Event – Scandinavian Mixed

For the first time in history of golf women and men played together in the same time on tournament. The European Tour – Scandinavian Mixed introduced by two famous Swedish professional golfers Annika Sörenstam and Henrik Stenson was on Vallda Golf course in Gothenburg in Sweden. 78 men and 78 women competed against each other. FEGGA students on scholarship in Kristianstad Golf course had opportunity to be a part of this historic event.

Vallda Golf Club is beautiful heathland golf course PAR 72 typical for Britain in west coast of Sweden 26 km from Gothenburg, designed by the golf architect Martin Hawtree. He took inspiration from the legendary English golf courses of the 1920s. The combination of red fescue and very long drainage (over 40 km) and hundreds of tons of sand resulted in a very difficult playing surface. The golf course is very dry, the ball rolls and bounces without wanting to stop. The greens were so fast that on Wednesday, before the first day of the tournament, they gave up mowing the greens in the evening because the speed on the green was too fast.

Tournament started 10 June and finished 13 June. All volunteers started work on Sunday 6 June before tournament. First day we went on golf course to walk from hole to hole, after we had a meeting and split the tasks. To maintain this tournament was 35 people. The biggest group was on bunkers. Two weeks before tournament the golf course was closed, so fairways, tees, greens were kept in great condition. I was responsible for raking bunkers in the morning and divoting fairways in the evening,

We stayed nearby at the hostel 15 mins drive from the golf course. Work started at 5 o clock in the morning. Half hour before we had breakfast, coffee and after everyone went to their tasks. Around 10 o’clock we had early lunch and after there was free time for rest till 17. Before evening task was dinner. During the meal, there was time to talk mainly about greenkeeping work and golf. The atmosphere was very positive all the time and shared with everyone. All participants integrated very quickly.

At first it may seem what was so exciting about helping this tournament. I wasn’t entirely convinced myself at first. Earlier, I worked on golf courses where tournaments were organized, although it was not a European tour, but what a difference I thought. Now I know the difference is huge.

First, you can meet many valuable people, experts from the greenkeeping industry and you can talk to them about what interests you in this job. You can make very valuable contacts. The atmosphere itself is also influencing, you feel that you are taking part in a really great event. I can talk about my work for hours on various topics. Funny stories, bothering questions, difficulties related to grass diseases etc. My family probably has enough when I bore them talking about it, and here suddenly there are 35 people very open to talk about golf and the work of greenkeepers.


Secondly. You feel great pride when you watch the golf course you work on, on the TV and see your work on TV, even if it seems to you a minor thing like raking bunkers which in fact is quite the opposite, because it can affect the player’s overall score on how it is. raked bunker. You see this on TV and feel very proud of your job.

Thirdly. You can see what it is like to work on another golf course. If there are no competitions on the golf course where you work, you have another experience that you can show off in your CV. Don’t forget about possibility to work on one of the top Swedish golf courses. European Tour is played only on high top-level golf courses. A huge power of positive energy that stays on for a long time and gives a great kick to later work on the golf course. Huge satisfaction and pride that you managed to work on such a great undertaking. An experience that will remain until the end of my life.

Thanks to the fact that I participated in the FEGGA scholarship, I was able to take part in the preparation of this wonderful event, which will surely remain in my memory for a very long time. At the same time, I feel that I have taken another step in my greenkeeper career and can add another experience to my CV. There is one more tournament ahead of me on the golf course where I work and study Kristianstad GK – Ladies European Tour in early September and Dunhill Championship in Scotland. And it is for such an opportunity, if you have many passions in your work, it is worth deciding to participate in the FEGGA scholarship.


Christopher Krawczyk – greenkeeper with 3 years of experience on golf courses in Sweden, student in Elmwood college – HNC Golf course managment. After finishing the scholarship, I want to work as an assistant head greenkeeper.

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