A Successful APG Conference

A Successful APG Conference

Castro Marim was the venue for the recently held Portuguese Greenkeepers Conference, a venue set in the eastern part of the Algarve. Castro Marim is a 27 hole golf resort, and is just minutes away from the Spanish border and part of a number of golf courses that are creating a new potential choice for visitors to the Algarve.

The weather has created much discussion during this year, and Portugal has been hitting the headlines in recent times with its indifferent weather patterns having quite an impact on the management of golf courses. The recent Portuguese Masters fell foul of the weather, with the tournament having to be condenses to just 36 holes, with severe rainfall preventing any thought of being able to play the normal 72 holes.

PeterFjalmanThis year’s Conference theme was sustainably, with a collection of good presentations delivered over the two day event. This ranged from golf course design through to the hot topic at the moment of Pesticide regulations, and how this was being managed, both by the government, and also how the APG was approaching the challenges, in trying hard to work with the government. The positive to this, is that there is now a relationship between the APG and the government, and hopefully with in mind any future decisions will be through good discussion and based on good responsible turf management.

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