Adapting to Change with Positive Outcomes

Adapting to Change with Positive Outcomes

Like all organisations FEGGA have during these challenging times had to adapt and change many of its structures and how it works with its Association Members and Partners. In February of this year, we would normally have been holding our Annual Conference where we would bring all our Associations and Partners together, and this year it should have been in Germany.

Instead, the focus was still to deliver elements of the FEGGA Conference, but to deliver the content via a virtual programme. FEGGA’s mission is to “bring people and organisations together”, and the feedback we have received has been very positive in us being able to deliver on our mission.

During a 10-day period, we staged 6 webinars, including our official AGM and also a very valuable meeting with our Patrons.

The main focus of FEGGA is to create platforms for associations to come together, create opportunities to discuss and share their experiences. This then leads to Associations becoming more proficient in their management of their own organisations to the benefit of their own respected members.

At our first webinar event we focussed on an important subject “Mental Health”. This is a subject that is touching all areas of our lives at the moment, and we do know that Greenkeepers and for that matter many people working within golf are suffering from mental health issues. The idea behind the webinar was for Associations to share their own experiences, and if they were able to offer any support to their members. It was very clear that very few Associations were able to offer any support, but actually many would like too, but struggled to know where to start. BIGGA were the only Association that had set-up any form of support mechanism to help their members, and the result of this was that a Facebook page had been created “Greenkeepers Mental Health” and was providing meaningful support that was helping many greenkeepers throughout the UK. FEGGA are now going to follow this up with some other forms of support that might help individual Associations to manage these very challenging situations. This along with other FEGGA webinars were recorded and can be found by visiting the FEGGA website.

Our second webinar aimed at Associations and Patrons focused on FEGGA Updates. This provided updates on the R&A GolfCourse 2030 initiative, now being rolled out into many Countries within Europe. FEGGA also touched on its Pioneering Research initiative, which is very important in developing good collaborative research in helping Golf meet the challenges of the next 20 years plus.

As part of our FEGGA Conference Series programme, we introduced a new element of our webinar delivery, this was to deliver some education to individual greenkeepers. Many associations had to cancel their face-to-face educational events, and many were not able to run education through webinars. FEGGA decided to organise and run 2 educational webinar sessions. These focused on General Greenkeeping and Personal Development and were received with positive outcomes. 250 people participated in the 4 hours of education delivered during both days. We were supported with delivering this education from some of the leading expert professionals working in our industry. Both these sessions were videoed and can be viewed again by visiting our website;

During the 10 days of the Conference Series programme FEGGA had some 550 people join us online and participated in the many areas of further development that will benefit Greenkeeper Associations, and their respected members. To find out more about FEGGA and its work, visit our website or our FEGGA Facebook page.

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