Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association celebrates its 10th anniversary

Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association celebrates its 10th anniversary

On 16th and 17th of November 2017 the Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event was remarkable for the industry with a two days conference. It was held in Central Hotel Sofia. There were 42 people participating which is a great success for our Association.

The afternoon on 16th we had the honour to listen to our main sponsor’s presentation – Andrew Brown and Teodor Denchev (Toro Company) and Simon Taylor (ICL Company). It was great that these two companies were with us from the very beginning and I can easily say that the partnership through the years became a great privilege for both sides.

For the rest of the day the members had the opportunity to meet Campey Turf Care Systems presented by Ian Pogson. That really made the audience impressed and engaged. The final speech for the day was given by Edgardo Ticozzi introducing his company (Universe Manure Company SRL). The guests saw very broad spectrum of products.

A gala dinner was set in a Bulgarian restaurant for all participants in the next day of FEGGA Roadshow conference. The discussions and the enthusiastic conversations were endless.

FEGGA Development Roadshow was held on the next day. This event was organised in partnership with R&A. It is the third one in our country for the last 4 years. It proves the close relationship between BGGA and FEGGA. FEGGA supported our industry not only through educations but also made an input in interexchange programs and visits to football clubs in UK recently. We are very proud how the Association is growing and we have a clear vision for moving forward.

The Roadshow had a great success as usual. The main focus was the Integrated Pest Management. The members had the opportunity to listen to Anne Mette Dahl Jensen, cand. Scient. Ph.D.,Senior advisor – Turfgrass – University of Copenhagen and Giovanni Nava – Superintendent – Riviera Golf Club, Italy. They both inspired our guests with their knowledge and experience. Wendy Cole (Sustainability at R&A) and Paul Miller (SRUC Elmwood College) made short presentation of the available educations and benefits of them.

The members had the opportunity to meet, speak and listen two person with the highest reputation in greenkeepers industry – Dean Cleaver (Executive Officer – FEGG) and Kamil Pecenka (Chairman – FEGGA). As part of the FEGGA Roadshow the seminar included short presentations of two of our golf courses “St. Sofia Golf Club” by Ventsilav Nikov (superintendent) and “Black Sea Rama Golf Club” by Stanimir Angelov (superintendent). ] The members really came out enriched with knowledge and “out of the box” thinking after this event. The discussions and interactions during and after the conference prove its success. The feedback from the people for these two days was very positive and encouraging. The right way of development and progress in the Association showed the hard work behind the scene.

The Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association is proud what we as an Organization achieved through the years. BGGA showed progress by declaring to be the teaching body for the turf industry in Bulgaria. The support of FEGGA (not only for the Roadshow) and the partnership with other Associations, golf clubs and football pitches prove how things will go forward for the BGGA. As the chairman of the Association I can confirm that no matter that we are small, we are growing strong. Our members became a turf family and I am glad to say we are more than ever one team.

Yavor Atanasov – Chairman

Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association – http://www.bgga.info/

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