Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association hold its Annual Conference at the Club House of Pravets Golf Club

Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association hold its Annual Conference at the Club House of Pravets Golf Club

On 16th of November 2018 the Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association held its Annual Conference at the Club House of Pravets Golf Club. There were 40 people participating from 8 different countries which is a great success for our Association. The program was very diverse. There were many new members from golf courses and football pitches. Outfield demonstrations were taking place on the back of the biggest double green on the Balkans – 3200m2.

The conference started with the speech of the chairman of BGGA – introducing his own vision and ideas about the organisation and how it became a leading educational touchstone in the industry. Then the microphone was given to Dean Cleaver (Executive Officer FEGGA). It was very inspirational to listen for the future opportunities and for the willingness to develop the strong relationship among FEGGA and BGGA.

The next lecturer was Simeon Liljenberg (ESL Group, Sweden). It was a great honour to have him on our conference and share with our members and guest how one football pitch facility can be run on a highly professional level and make a profit. It was very interesting to know how so many events can be combined in literally no time between them – from football to race track to horse riding to concerts.
The word was given to James Whittick (Velvit Ltd., UK) after that. He introduced the fertiliser manufacture company to the Bulgarian market. The technology and the professional approach of its products were more than impressive.
The 19th hole was a real storm during the first coffee break. The guys were very excited and inspired from the seen so far. It was great pleasure to sit back and watch what was happening and BGGA team felt very satisfied and pleased of the organisation.

Straight after our members had the opportunity to see outside demonstration there was a presentation of Sjoerd Broos (Slectline, Holland). He introduced the high quality marking paint and gave us a great comparison why they are one of the best on the market.
Just before lunch we had the privilege to listen to Teodor Dentchev (Toro Company). Our main sponsor has always been part of the events and the support through the years has been huge. The know-how and the innovations in the machinery were more than welcomed from the guest and members. The future is always brighter with the sponsors as Toro and co-thinking people as Teodor.

Later in the afternoon we were honoured to listen the experienced Russian superintendent of Skolkovo Golf Club, Russia – Denis Koltykhov. He shared his knowledge and challenges that he has in his work place. Our members became very exited from what was presented and found a friend and good colleague in Denis`s face.
As a last speaker the Annual Conference presented Guy Stewart (Dennis and Sisis, UK). An outfield demonstration was made of a Dennis mower and a Sisis scarifier. The members and guests did not mind the cold weather and showed a great interest. Inside the presentation continued with some background and type of the products on the market. The best of it was the understanding of everyone that the variety of attachment units and tractor mounted units would be of high interest and well accepted in the turf industry in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association set very high standards with the passing event. It was very well accepted and highly attended. The feedback was very positive and definitely encourages the board members to keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,
Yavor Atanasov

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