# Calling All Assistant Greenkeepers FEGGA Greenkeeper Experience Programme 2016

If you are an Assistant Greenkeeper and wish to develop your career, add life skills and experience, and make important new connections then this exciting new challenge is for you!

To experience working at another club for a set period of time e.g. anything from 1 to 2 weeks – but without the risk of having to quit your job or the upheaval of moving home permanently.

You’ll be able to increase greenkeeping skills, increase your motivation and engagement with the industry, and give your new club the benefits of your ideas and initiatives throughout the period.  Then, you’ll be able to bring the best of what you’ve learnt back to your original employer – without ever having to leave! The same applies whether you are from a remote area, or a more established country or Association.

Provided you and your club are endorsed by your Home Association then look forward to the following:

  • Career development
  • To develop new skills & experience
  • The opportunity to experience new challenges and problem-solving
  • Reflection and re-evaluation of the challenges of the job position
  • Refresh and reinvigorate key staff
  • To become more influential

Selection Criteria The scheme is designed for golf clubs and their Senior Assistant Greenkeepers or other Greenkeepers who are aspirant in their careers. The applicants must have at least two years of experience at their present club, be in good health with a clean driving license. They should be capable of keeping records and writing reports, and be proficient in any languages that may apply in the case of cross-border placements.

The Clubs must be willing to participate and will agree to the pre-set criteria governing the placement available from FEGGA.

FEGGA invites its member associations to circulate the scheme and identify a prospective pair of greenkeepers from two different participating clubs in their home country. FEGGA will supply all information and documentation, vet all applications, select the successful candidates and clubs, make all introductions and arrangements, supply all necessary documentation from rules, agreements, & reporting methods, to finding accommodation and, where practical, assisting with travel arrangements. Pro-forma documents for all of the above are available from FEGGA.

Where possible during this pilot phase, FEGGA will meet all reasonable expenses incurred by participants although this will be by negotiation. Participants and clubs should be aware that some expenses will inevitably apply.

The funding of this pilot project has been made available by the R&A, who have recognised this as an outstanding opportunity for Assistant Greenkeepers looking to further develop their careers.

FEGGA invites applications, and these should be made via email to Dean Cleaver deancleaver@fegga.org