FEGGA all set to host a Covid 19 Zoom Summit

FEGGA all set to host a Covid 19 Zoom Summit
The objectives of the Summit is to focus on How Greenkeeping Associations and respected Countries coped during the Covid-19 crisis – What measures were introduced to support greenkeepers and golf – How they see the results of this work or lack of good measures being taken – and finally what are their next planned stages of action.
The Summit will take place on the 2nd September, with participation from FEGGA Member Associations, its Patron Members & Partners. (For further details please contact Dean Cleaver at dean.cleaver@btinternet.com)
Presentations will be given by four Associations, these being; Jim Croxton (BIGGA), Yavor Atanasov (Bulgaria), Jiri Kapes (Czech Republic) and Jannes Landkroon (Netherlands) and will cover:
  • How the Greenkeeping industry has coped with the crisis
  • How the Greenkeeping Associations supported their members and helped them stay safe
  • How those Greenkeeper Associations with strong links with their Golf Federation and Government made good use of those links – and how they built them in the first place
  • How well golf and greenkeeping have settled down across Europe and what measures are now being taken to ensure safety of greenkeepers and players
  • What opportunities for golf and greenkeeping have arisen from the crisis and how the industry is taking advantage of those
  • What Greenkeeper Associations are now doing to communicate with their members; how they view their annual Autumn and Winter Conferences this year, how they are able to manage Patrons and Sponsors, and what Associations are currently doing to give the best service to their members

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