Kristianstads GolfKlubb Welcome FEGGA Scholarship Students

Kristianstads GolfKlubb Welcome FEGGA Scholarship Students
From Left to right; Michel Van Uffelen (Belgium), Christopher Krawczyk (Poland), Alexandru Gherman (Romania), Łukasz Królikowski (Poland), Cormac Barry (Rep of Ireland), Viktor Veleski (Sweden), Damir Lučić (Croatia), Bevan Tattersall – Golf Courses Manager, Kristianstads Golfklubb

The first week of April saw the FEGGA Scholarship Students arrive at Kristianstads GolfKlubb to start their 6-month long programme.

Bevan Tattersall, Golf Courses Director welcomes the 2021 FEGGA Students in this opening article.

A very warm welcome to Alex, Chris, Cormac, Damir, Lukasz, Michel and Viktor.

If the FEGGA students were under the impression they would be attending the beautiful Swedish seaside town of Åhus and enjoying the fantastic beaches and weather I am afraid so far, they have been very disappointed. Unfortunately, we have had a very tough winter with two months of snow and for the first month of the student’s time with us we have been experiencing the coldest spring that I can remember in my 16 years working in Sweden. In the last 30 days we have had only 5 days without frost. Not ideal when we have a season that is only seven months long.

The idea both Dean and I had over three years ago was to develop an education programme that could offer both practical training/experience and theory, presented by industry leaders. It is with great pride for FEGGA, Kristianstads Golfklubb and myself that this is growing year on year and it shows with the quality of the individuals that are attending the 2021 programme. Individuals that want to learn and want to make this fantastic profession their chosen career, and to use this programme to bridge the gap between college education and taking the leap into Golf Course Management.

We have seven individuals of mixed ages from six different countries who will be with us for next six months. With the first month just coming to an end the students have enjoyed seven different presentations covering – Course Management Overview, Soil Biology, Creating CV’s, Health and Safety, Golf in Sweden, Irrigation installation and a presentation from FEGGA. All this whilst working on our two Golf Courses. At present the students are split with five working on our East Course and two based on our West Course. Everyone will over the experience have chance to work on the two courses. Two courses with two totally different characters and different challenges.

The East was opened for the season on the 1st April and the West, which is coming to the end of a major renovation/redesign, will open the start of this summer.

Over the next month we hope to see a change in the weather and will focus on repairing winter damage, work on the ‘grow in’ on the West Course, and to enjoy more fascinating presentations/training sessions.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thanks to Gary, Alan, David, Niklas, Ludde, Åke and Dean for giving up their valuable time and producing outstanding presentations, and to Alan Lindsey from The Sportsturf Maintenance Company for his outstanding support and commitment to this programme.

Bevan Tattersall – Kristianstads Golfklubb and Destination

This is what our Students had to say following their first few weeks……

Michel Van Uffelen (Belgium) – From the National Stadium to Kristianstads Golfklubb

“I’ve been a Greenkeeper, Head Greenkeeper, Course Manager and Field Manager in my country. I rose quickly through the ranks and had some good successes but often felt like something was missing, that I could do something more or better. I wanted to test all my greenkeeping skills starting from the base while also improving my managing skills. To be able to do this I’d have to learn from the best on a daily basis and that’s exactly what the FEGGA program offers. After two weeks of working for Bevan Tattersall and his team of highly skilled and motivated greenkeepers, I know I’ve come to the right place.”

Hi all my name is Łukasz and since the beginning of April I started my FEGGA training.

“I am interested in personal development and have a passion for learning new things which is the first reason why I joined the FEGGA program. I started my career as a greenkeeper in 2020 with no knowledge of it and wanted to try something new. My trial turned out to be the most accurate because I can’t imagine working in another industry at the moment. After my first season on the golf course, I wanted to learn more about building a golf course and everything that affects quality and care, which was another reason to join the FEGGA program, because that’s all in this program. There is an amazing atmosphere here and a lot of concrete knowledge. I would like to recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about the golf course, who has patience and likes to watch how small pieces of our work translate into later results of the quality of the golf course.” 

Firstly, my name is Cormac and I am 21 years old. I am from Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow in Ireland.

“Previous to coming to Kristianstad Golf Club, I had only worked one season as a greenkeeper in Powerscourt Golf Club located in my hometown. After speaking with numerous golf courses about positions for the upcoming season, I then spoke to Dean about a position on the FEGGA scholarship and accepted it without hesitation. I felt it was the perfect opportunity for a young greenkeeper like myself to really progress in my career and also become a better person in general. Edgar to learn as much as possible from the scholarship I believe it offers all of us FEGGA students a bright and promising future.”

Viktor – Why i chose the FEGGA program?

“It all started with my education with the Swedish Greenkeepers Association where I got the feeling that I am on the right track to a new career which was a life change. Also I could not miss the chance to continue to make it practical with people who are one of the best leaders in their job. The best thing about the program is that you meet people from all over the world who are really dedicated and who have a lot of knowledge in their subject, regardless of whether it concerns irrigation, ferilizers, golf course management and more.”

Alexandru Gherman, 35, Romania

“After 5 years working on a golf course in Belgium and my passion for greenkeeping I decided that now is time to deepen my knowledge. FEGGA Scholarship  is a good chance for me to do just that because we are working with some of the best professionals in this business. Topics like soil science, disease, course construction, tournament planning are the ones that I’m looking forward to learn more about.  All aspects of Golf  Course Management are covered in this 6 months and that makes this scholarship one of the best opportunity I couldn’t miss.”

Christopher Krawczyk (Poland) I change my career after 40’s. 

“I’ve been a web designer for a long time. This is probably most people’s dream job, but not for me. I didn’t like spending a lot of time in front of the screen and clicking on the keyboard. I was 40 and decided to change my career. I started at a golf construction company but started working as a greenkeeper in Sweden 3 years ago. After the first season I knew this was what I wanted to do in my life. I’m studying Golf Course Management at Elmwood College. Now I’m aiming the Head Greenkeeper Assistant, but my goal is to be the Gead greenkeeper in 6 years. I came to Kristianstad GK to expand my practical knowledge as there is often no time for this during the regular season. This FEGGA program is a great opportunity to learn about the regular maintenance of greenkeeping and ask anything you want to know about it.”

My name is Damir Lučić from Croatia.

“I have joined the FEGGA Scholarship Programme in order to gain skills, knowledge and qualification in this continually growing Golf Greenkeeping Industry. The program is a very well structured combination of lectures and precisely directed hands-on experience. Lectures are given by the most prominent people in their fields and the entire team of Kristianstads GK, led by Mr. Bevan Tattersall is the most kind and cooperative towards us, the FEGGA students. Our clothing, protection and equipment are all the top notch – there’s absolutely nothing missing. Great care is invested into making sure that the students are happy and comfortable. We will host the Ladies Open, here in Kristianstads GolfKlubb and we will also spend a week in Vallda GC for the European Tour event. The strawberry on the cream on the cake will be saved for the very end of our Programme: visiting Scotland for the Dunhill Links at the Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and Yes – St. Andrews as well!”

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