Herbatech is a recognized leader in the sector of fertilizers, seeds and special products for professional turfgrass construction and maintenance.

The company is specialized particularly in Golf, providing a very wide range of products for any season and geographical location of golf fields in Europe and abroad. Experimentation, production and marketing of their golf products have a sole aim: supplying technically effective solutions, state of the art and custom made products to the greenkeepers today. Managing golf course turf only for play and aesthetic purposes is nowadays not enough.

Everyone is conscious and concerned by environmental issues affecting the globe. A considered and attentive use of fertilizers, pesticides and water is an important aspect to think about and promote. Moreover, green keepers are becoming more aware of economic and managerial problems of their job: based on these issues, Herbatech agronomists have turned their attention to offering the best new solutions that combine the quality of play and turf management with sound environmental and economical practices.

In turf nutrition of greens, tees and fairways, based on the study of the relations plant-soil-climate, Herbatech has developed three product ranges Zeotech, Biogel, and Herbafer aimed to optimize the controlled and eco compatible nutrition of the plant, the microbial nutrition of the soil and the nutritional solution of stresses related to physiological problems of turf caused by climatic and environmental factors.

Thanks to the original Zeotech range, with zeolite based technology, nutrients are absorbed by turf according to the real metabolical needs of the plants without any leaching.

With Biogel the maximum potential fertility of the soil can be maintained and the substrate of cultivation improved permanently.
Through the nutritional and biostimulating action of Herbafer turfgrass stresses can be overcome, enhancing the defense system and reducing pesticide use

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