Sterf Release New Research and Development Yearbook 2018

Sterf Release New Research and Development Yearbook 2018

In 2018 STERF had 15 ongoing projects related to integrated pest management, sustainable water management, winter stress management, and multifunctional golf facilities and ecosystem services, all of them presented in the yearbook, which can be downloaded here:

Other important STERF activities were:

• During spring 2018, STERF presented two new videos, From dense sward to biodiverse roughs and The golf course as an outdoor classroom. The videos can be found at: and at:
• This extreme weather situation during the growing season 2018 highlighted a need for more knowledge about saving water and about efficient irrigation practices on golf courses. By coincidence 2018 was also the final year of the STERF project ‘Engineering better irrigation in turf ’, in which an irrigation workshop had been scheduled well before the 2018 growing season. The workshop took place at Fureso GC, Copenhagen, on 20 June.
• During 2018, the very important handbook ‘The Golf Course Managers’ Handbook on Turfgrass Winter Stress Management’, with practical advice and recommendations, was translated into Swedish and Norwegian and launched at several seminars.
• 2018 saw the release of a new step-by-step workbook, tailor-made for golf clubs, for mapping values, functions and activities on and beyond golf facilities, and also for finding key partners and engaging them in multifunctional projects that contribute to sustainable development (Agenda 2030).
• Effective dialogue between researchers and practitioners is necessary to identify research priorities in new fields and to ensure that newfound knowledge is transferred into practice. During 2018, a number of national seminars were arranged in the Nordic countries. In total, more than 400 practitioners from the golf industry participated in the seminars.
• In October 2018, Maria Strandberg, STERF, and Trygve Aamlid, NIBIO, were invited to Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, and to China Agricultural University, Beijing. The purpose of this visit was ‘Communication, visiting and learning’. It was also a great honour that Trygve Aamlid was appointed Honorary Professor at Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin.

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