The Seminar and Conference of the Czech Greekeepers Association

The Seminar and Conference of the Czech Greekeepers Association

The seminar and the annual conference 2017 of the Czech greenkeepers association in Prague

Term: 18. – 19. 1. 2017

Venue: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamýcká 129, 165 00, Praha 6 – Suchdo

Accommodation: all attentents order on their own, student’s dormitory or hotel are available


Kamýcká 1280, 165 00, Praha 6 – Suchdol   

430 Kč per person per night

Hotel Galaxie:

500 m from the seminar hall, Suchdolské nám. 9, 165 00, Praha 6 – Suchdol    

400 Kč per person per nigh in room for three breakfast included

500 Kč per person per night in double room breakfast included

900 Kč per person per night in single room breakfast included

Registration fee: 3500 Kč


Per Rasmussen (Denmark) ENG/CZESons of Golf-An exchange of experience in greenkeeping- to promote career and turf care in a sustainable manner

Jaroslav Záhora (CZ -MENDELU v Brně) CZE

The current state of knowledge of the interactions between the root, soil microorganisms, soil invertebrates and soil.

Martin Nilsson (Denmark) ENG/CZEPesticide Legislation in Denmark: A success story or worst case scenario?

Dalibor Procházka (ČGF) CZEThe news in the rules.

Gerhard Lung (Germany) GER/CZERasenkrankheiten, Schädlinge und Lästlinge auf Sportrasenflächen – Übersicht über die wichtigsten Schadpilze, Schädlinge und Lästlinge; Maßnahmen dagegen: Pflanzenschutzmitteleinsatz sowie Alternativen zu Pflanzenschutzmitteln. 

Karel Šilhan (CZ) CZEThe greenkeepers path.

Bram Bertels (Netherlands) ENG/CZEThe Golf course development and management close to the nature. 


Attendants registration                          18.1. 2017        8,00 a.m.

Beginning of the lectures:                      18.1. 2016        9,00 a.m.

Expected end of the lectures:                19.1. 2017        3,00 p.m.


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The seminar and the conference of CSG in Prague 2017

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